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"Horses make a landscape look beautiful."

                                                                         --       Alice Walker


Tribute to Rascal!

You will be missed my friend, by all those whom you came in contact with.

RIP Rascal 7/14/16

Thanks Traci Morrison for this video!

I lost a great friend tonight. In truth he was a great friend to many people both young and old. Age didn't matter to him. He taught me many things in the time I knew him. Like that a good horse can get you through an obstacle course without you really having to do much more than point him in the right direction. He also taught me that the same horse can ruin your obstacle course with a carefully timed step to the side if he's having a bad day. He taught me not to get cocky. That no matter how well broke he is, the lead horse in your unicorn hitch can take a step back and turn to the side faster than you can grab line on him. He taught my daughter to be less afraid of big 'ol draft horses. I guess you could say this friend taught me an awful lot I thought I already knew. If you haven't drawn the conclusion yet, my friend was a horse. A North American Spotted Draft Horse by the name of Rascal. And the name fit. He would wait till you were a little distracted, and he'd pull one shenanigan or another. He will be sorely missed by all that entered his life no matter how briefly. Rest in Peace Rascal, your work is done.

~Story from Wookie Lewis~

Yesterday I lost an amazing friend. He was a North American Spotted Draft Horse. I remember when I first started to work around the draft horses. I was afraid of them at first because of their size. Rascal had taught me that they can be trained to be gentle giants. He was the first horse I ever got to ride and lead. The first time I lead him he stepped on my foot and stood there for a good five minutes because we couldn't get him to step forward or back. He was a really good friend that could never be replaced. I love you Rascal. Rest in peace buddy. ~Picture and Story from Tammie Showers~

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